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Reweaving the Tapestry of Peace

A Comprehensive Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Retreat in Pisac, Peru

Peace is not a circumstance, but a state. One that we ultimately choose. Many traditions around the world have shared in the quest to unravel the patterns of conflict within our minds and bodies in order to reclaim our ability to move in harmony with all of existence and to live with reverence for this precious gift of life. 

We’ll spend our time in deep study and practice of some of the most ancient yogic teachings while on retreat at the beautiful Nidra Wasi (which means “nidra house” or “sleep house”), nestled in the Sacred Valley at the feet of Apu Intihuatana, Pisac’s main archeological site. Centered around a Comprehensive Yoga Nidra Teacher Certification Program, we’ll also explore our inner and outer landscapes through immersion in beautiful nature, healing sound and music, dancing, and tasting the colorful Andean culture, all in the supportive presence of community. There will be personal time as well for relaxation and integration, perhaps over a massage or herbal floral bath, or for more exploration of Pisac’s incredible market, community events, nature trails, and unique history. The retreat will conclude with a visit to renowned Machu Picchu, where we will enjoy yoga nidra at one of the seven world wonders!

The native people of these lands call the surrounding Apus (mountains) grandparents or ancestors. The atmosphere and container they provide feels deeply nurturing, safe, and familiar, like that of coming home. Having this training in Peru offers a special opportunity to weave in and honor different traditions’ approaches toward the same goal: waking up to one’s true nature and living more peacefully and harmoniously in all relations.

What you will learn in the training:
- Yogic philosophy/theory
- Benefits of yoga nidra
- Science and methodology
- In depth yogic psychology
- The powerful use of sankalpa (intention)
- Experience of the 4 main approaches to practice
- Customizing the practice
- Guiding for certain conditions/illnesses/populations
- How do guide the practice in private and group settings
- Self-reflective practices for paving the way to peace 

*This training will count toward Yoga Alliance CEU’s

Complementary activities:
- Traditional Despacho ceremony (non-medicinal) with a Qero elder
- Visit Pisac’s vibrant market
- A full day hike high in the Andes at the beautiful Kinsa Cocha (meaning three lakes)
- Local community kirtan
- Ecstatic dance
- Sweat lodge
- Andean Cosmovision workshop

- Plenty of time to relax, explore, and enjoy the majestic Andes 

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